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Patriot Exports Featured in BIOFUELS Journal

[ 0 ] December 7, 2014
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Patriot Announces the Appointment of Audie Sturtewagen as new Plant Manager, for Patriot Fuels Biodiesel, LLC

[ 0 ] December 3, 2014
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Audie  Sturtewagen

Audie Sturtewagen

(Annawan, IL. – December 3, 2014) – Patriot Chairman/ CEO, Gene Griffith announced today that Audie Sturtewagen has been appointed as Plant Manager of Patriot Fuels Biodiesel, LLC .  The new five million gallon per year biodiesel plant is expected to come on  line in the first quarter of 2015.   Griffith said, “Audie has been a valuable part of the Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC team since 2008 when the ethanol plant started production.  In the six years he has been with us as Safety Manager, and then as Production Manager, Audie has proven his dedication and ability to learn and operate new and complicated processes”.

Audie Sturtewagen said “I’m excited to have the opportunity to manage this important new Patriot subsidiary.  We believe this new plant will be one of the most cost efficient biodiesel plants in the country.  I am proud to be part of this new plant in my hometown, Annawan, IL.  It’s great to see Patriot grow and diversify its business here, and I can’t wait to work with the new employees that will be brought on to operate the plant”.

Rick Vondra said “Patriot Fuels Biodiesel, LLC will use a new “Super Critical” production process that involves high pressure and heat.  It will use less chemicals than many other processes.  Feedstock will be corn oil extracted from the corn/ethanol process, but if we want to expand production, we can use any of the other feedstocks such as soy oil, brown grease, or yellow grease as well”.  The plant has been designed by Jatro Diesel, Miamisburg, Ohio.  Patriot is acting as general contractor for the project.  Construction Manager,  Joe Lillion is coordinating and supervising all the engineering, procurement and subcontractor activities.

Biodiesel Plant Under Construction

Biodiesel Plant Under Construction

Griffith added “This will be the first Advanced  biofuel produced by Patriot.  Biodiesel produced from corn oil extracted by an ethanol producer will have one of the lowest carbon scores of any renewable fuels produced today”.  Patriot announced in October that it is also exploring the possibility of adding another Advanced/Cellulosic biofuel by fermenting the corn fiber that is presently being left in the Dried Distillers Grain “DDGS”.  The decision to add this second process known as Generation 1.5 will be made by Patriot’s board, when the engineering is completed shortly after the first of the year.

The addition of the production of biodiesel and potentially cellulosic ethanol will help grow our business, diversify our end products, support agriculture, and contribute further to clean air and energy independence.

Patriot Wecomes Two New Employees

[ 0 ] December 1, 2014
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We are proud to welcome two new members of the process team:

Chandler Gilbraith, Annawan, IL,  served in the Air Force from December of 2010 through September of this year working with the security forces.

Chandler Gilbraith, Annawan, IL, served in the Air Force from December of 2010 through September of this year working with the security forces.

Ashtin Mercer, Kewanee, IL, has an Associate of Science degree from Black Hawk College and an Associate of Applied Science Radiologic Technology from Carl Sandburg College.

Ashtin Mercer, Kewanee, IL, has an Associate of Science degree from Black Hawk College and an Associate of Applied Science Radiologic Technology from Carl Sandburg College.

Patriot Hosts 100 students for Renewable Energy Education Week

[ 0 ] November 21, 2014
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Annawan School Tours 002100 students from Annawan High School Ag & Science classes and Blackhawk college Ag class took an education tour of our plant for Renewable Energy Education week. Students learned how a bio refinery converts and processes raw materials intotransportation fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, and the latest technologies in this fast growing and exciting career field. Renewable fuels dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels and ethanol is the most affordable octane worldwide. As one of the largest locally owned and independent ethanol producing facilities in Illinois, Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC is proud to contribute to the health of our environment and communities.  Read the Star Courier article covering Annawan High School’s  vist.

Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Support E15

[ 0 ] November 20, 2014
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amcm_ethanolPRESS RELEASE:

By amcm on October 27, 2014 in Blog
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jaron Anderson (405) 843-7923

“Our members have not reported any problems with E-15”

(OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. October 27, 2014) – Gene Hammond and Mark Muncey, co-owners of Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing, which serve vehicle owners in all 50 States, today announced their support for the new E-15 fuel blend (15 percent ethanol and 85 percent petroleum in motor gasoline).

Hammond, who has worked in the auto club business for 40 years said, “Not one of our over 18 million members has called us with a problem related to the new E-15 fuel or any ethanol blend. Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing support the use of E-15 in vehicles as a safe and affordable alternative to gasoline.”

Muncey, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the motor club business said, “We decided to research the road service data from our members. Today, four years after EPA approved E-15 and two years after AAA declared it was premature, we can say for certain that our members have not reported any problems with E-15. We support the use of E-15 in vehicles approved by EPA to use the fuel.”

“Our focus is on providing unmatched service to our motor club members, and in our eyes, real-world experience trumps a study paid for by opponents of ethanol every time. In addition to no service calls or complaints about E-15, the fact is that winter gas line freeze problems have virtually disappeared due to the increased use of ethanol. If you drive a vehicle that has been approved for the use of E-15 and want to try it, we encourage you to try it with confidence,” said Hammond.

For more information about Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing, visit us online at and You can also follow us on Twitter at @TravelersMC and @amcm_online.

Continuing to Build Successful Teams at Patriot

[ 0 ] November 18, 2014
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IMG_0442-001A Second Patriot Teambuilding workshop was held 11/07/14.  Those participating were yard, maintenance, and production crews, along with Dave Gerhart, Pat Ball, Audie Sturtewagen, Gene Serres, Evan Murray and Logan Van Rheenen.  The full-day seminar provided each participant an opportunity to learn and practice being part of, and forming a successful team.  IMG_0453Participants completed a Myers-Briggs indicator to learn their individual personality type and how various personalities can effectively work together.  Everyone participated in several activities one of which included a “mine field” where employees helped blindfolded teammates cross the field using clear direction and explaining how to avoid obstacles.IMG_0468

Patriot Proudly Salutes Our Veterans This Veterans’ Day – November 11, 2014

[ 0 ] November 10, 2014
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Veterans DayPatriot is proud and honored to recognize the Veterans on our team:  Jeramy Hampton, Richard Hathaway, Kristy Howell, David Huffman, Chad Imler, Dennis Nichols, Darrell Rakestraw, Gene Serres, and Nick Simms.

On Veterans Day we all will take a moment to remember the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have fought to make America the greatest nation on the earth.

Thank you for your service to our country.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” Elmer Davis

Annawan High School Senior Job Shadows at Patriot

[ 0 ] November 6, 2014
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Josh Harrel and CAO Patty Greteman

Josh Harrel and CAO Patty Greteman

Thursday, November 6th, Annawan High School senior, Josh Harrel, spent the day at Patriot Renewable Fuels, LLC as part of the Annawan High School Job Shadow program.   Josh is interested in an accounting career. Patriot administration employees Sheralee Lichthardt, Deb Enger, Deb Heavener, and Connie Clark shared with Josh some of their daily responsibilities.  Josh also observed scale personnel Jane Kipp, Kristy Howell and Kelsey Rakestraw. Commodities Mgr. Judd Hulting visited with Josh and gave him a tour of the ethanol plant. CAO Patty Greteman also discussed accounting with Josh.


[ 0 ] October 28, 2014
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